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Kursk State Medical University is Ranked among the list of the 10 best Russian medical schools. The first university in Russia to commence Medical undergraduate programmes in English, KSMU is currently the leader in Medical Studies in the English medium. The Kursk State Medical University was founded in February 1935 and is sponsored by the Russian Government.

Why KSMU?                                                                                                                                                  KSMU is a diverse and dynamic centre of academic medicine and health care. Our research laboratories, 28 affiliated hospitals, and special programs offer students an innovative approach in preparing for the practice of medicine. Our teachers, who are active in their fields, respected by their colleagues worldwide, and praised by their students, keep KSMU on par with the best in the world. The low cost of living together with the social and cultural richness of Kursk is another feature that attracts many international students to KSMU. The reasonable cost and value of a KSMU education, compared the medical degrees offered in other countries, is often the bottom line for families when it comes to choosing the right medical school.

Undergraduate Admissions

The Kursk State Medical University accepts foreign students having full secondary or higher education.


Information for transfer students

Kursk State Medical University welcomes transfer applicants from both two-year and four-year colleges and universities around the country and world. Transfer students comprise more than half of each entering class and are a vital part of our vibrant campus community.

 KSMU has a world-class reputation and an international presence.  Our University offer  bachelor's degree programs,  Master's,  Doctoral programs, and professional degrees. As a KSMU student you will benefit from the rich array of programs, resources and experiences that are only available at a major university. You will also experience small classes and the personal attention of a faculty committed to undergraduate teaching. Many of these same faculty are nationally reputed scholars who bring their cutting-edge research into the classroom.

Transfer Credits

We will review your application and all necessary transcripts soon after they are received. We will notify you by mail once we have made an admission decision. If accepted, you will also receive an evaluation of transfer credit with a preliminary list of accepted courses that will meet our Core (general education) requirements.


In making admissions decisions, we give careful consideration to the quality of your program, the number of credits you have earned and the grade point average you have achieved. For most programs transfer students must complete the application process by August 1 for the Fall semester or by January 1 for the Spring semester. You must request that all high schools and colleges which you previously attended send official transcripts to the Undergraduate Admissions Office at the Kursk State Medical University by these deadlines.  Foreign applicants enjoy equal rights regardless of social background, sex, language, nationality, religion.

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